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Meet Ilhéus Brazil - Terra Cacau

  • Itacaré
  • Ilhéus Centro
  • Praias do Norte
  • Ponte Ilhéus

The spectacular gateway Cocoa Coast, where there are many stories to be told and discoveries. historic city, known for its famous authors and colonial buildings, Ilheus is a place to absorb as much culture as the brightness of its sun. In addition to the old stories of the city, its is complete scenario with nearby villages, as Olivenza offering a formidable surf quality with a wide choice of beaches.

  • Zona Sul
  • Fazenda Primavera

This beautiful coastal town Bahia offers its visitors a sense of time travel to the past centuries, in the era of "gold" of cocoa, with unique flavor in the production of their chocolate. Walk through the oddly angled streets that are separated by colorful colonial houses to find a small corner cafes and outdoor restaurants. Sit back, relax and smell the sea in front of you.

Walk around the city center which is a mixture of trendy clothing shops and rustic antique bookstores. Stop at the Cathedral of San Sebastian to feel a little culture and then continue to the Jorge Amado Museum for a little history.

  • Centro Ilhéus
  • Baia do Pontal

Ilheus is surrounded by a green belt and has native - from north to south - some white sand beaches that are worth exploring. But if someone is looking for a beach with full scene with surf in a more tranquil environment

Enquanto Olivença é conhecida por seu alto nível de surf e os campeonatos nacionais anuais são realizados na Batuba Beach. Mas não se preocupe se as ondas estiverem pequenas, aproveite e tome um banho na famosa água "curadora" de Olivença, conhecida como Tororomba, ou experimente os deliciosos frutos do mar com seu tempero baiano tradicional, em um dos muitos restaurantes na vila.

Fonte Sul Bahia

  • Olivença